Terms and Conditions


After placing an order, it will be confirmed by phone and the buyer has the opportunity to change its contents.

In case of manufactured products to customers wish (custom made car seat covers), the costumer has the opportunity to change the order in 2 working days. After this period the order will be sent for execution.

The orders made through websites owned by L.C.A Automotive SRL are subject to the rules of distance contracts.L.C.A Automotive SRL is the seller , and the customer who places the order is the buyer.


All prices include VAT and shipping costs are shown below. We reserve the right to change prices due to exchange rate or the situation on the world market of fabrics.


All products sold by L.C.A Automotive SRL are in accordance with the declaration of conformity of producers of raw materials, the standards applicable in the field and internal regulations, and customer requirements specified/validated in order.

Products sold and delivered by L.C.A Automotive SRL do not cause adverse environmental impact and meet the quality parameters specified in the technical documentation.


If the product does not meet the specifications from the order, L.C.A Automotive SRL has the obligation to make the product specification in order by amending or replacing. If this is not possible the client can return the product and get the full value back.

In this case L.C.A Automotive SRL will send the courier to pick up the product and the transportation costs will be borne by L.C.A Automotive SRL.

Conditions for returning products:

  1. Products made by the customer’s specifications are exempted from the conditions of return in accordance with laws of Romania.

  2. The other products that are not made to customers order can be returned following a written request from him. This request must be made within 14 days of the date of coming into possession of the product. PFA’s and legal persons do not have the right to return in 14 days. In this case, the transportation costs are borne by the customer. The customer is responsible for loss or damage to goods that are returned by L.C.A Automotive SRL . The return address is available in the “Contact” section. Returning is considered to be completed when the returned products have been received and examined. After completing a return, the money will be returned within 10 days.

Not returning products in accordance with the terms and conditions mentioned above and the relevant period , is considered to be tantamount to acceptance of the products.

Excluding VAT for EU companies

Companies that are registered for VAT in an EU country other than Romania and which may present a valid registration number for VAT under EU model will not have to pay VAT. Prices on the website are shown with VAT included and we will issue a bill lowering 20% from the VAT which is currently existing in Romania. Delivery will be at the company’s address.

To check whether a registration number for VAT applies or not , you can check the link below:


You can transfer the money directly into our bank account. The amount must be paid in full within 5 days, otherwise your order will be canceled. Always mention your order number when making a payment. We will send the products on stock soon , or we will launch in manufacturing the ones which are to be executed on order.

Damage of transported products

Visible damages of products must be communicated directly to GLS when the shipment is done. Hidden damages produced by transport must be communicated to GLS as soon as they are discovered.

Products not received by clients and returned to us

For ordered and paid products which are not accepted or have been returned to us , because the client was not found after multiple delivery attempts, will be charged an administrations fee equal to the cost of transport.

User Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy addresses the personal data of our customers. Personal data means any information about an identified or identifiable individual collected through this website.

Collected personal data

The personal information collected is: name, address, phone number, e-mail address, bank account.

Purpose of using personal data

Your personal data is provided voluntarily when placing an online order on this website. These data are used to draw invoices and transport documents.

Communication of data to third parties

Your collected data is communicated to the courier company who will deliver the ordered products. These data may also be used in the event of recovery of any claims, the assignment of receivables to third parties, at the request of the competent institutions.

The length of processing of personal data

Personal data is processed until the order is dispatched. Once your order has been shipped, your data is retained for a period that does not exceed the time it takes to meet the purposes for which it is processed.

Data security measures

L.C.A. Automotive will apply the necessary organizational measures to ensure the security of personal data, protect against accidental or unlawful destruction, unauthorized modification, disclosure or nauthorized access.

Should you have any questions about how personal data is processes please feel free to contact us.

Phone: (+44) 07594001119 office@seatcovershop.co.uk

The right of intellectual and industrial property

Content sites owned by L.C.A Automotive SRL (logos, images, dynamic images, stylized, text and / or media etc) can not be used and / or publishes without the express written consent of L.C.A. Automotive SRL.

The rights of the data subject

The person concerned has the right to obtain a confirmation from the operator that personal data concerning him / her are processed or not.

The person concerned has the right to rectify the inaccurate personal data concerning him / her. The person concerned also has the right to fill in personal data that is incomplete.

The person concerned has the right to request the deletion of personal data and L.C.A. Automotive SRL has the obligation to delete this data.

Contact Information

L.C.A Automotive SRL, a Romanian legal entity, with headquarters in Romania, Arad, Csiki Gergely no. 3 ap. 1, having registered business number J02/388/25.02.2005, unique tax registration code R017291567 Phone: +44 07594001119 Email: office@seatcovershop.co.uk

L.C.A Automotive SRL is the owner of the following web domains:www.huse.ro, www.huzatok.hu, www.coprisedili-auto.it, .www.seatcovershop.co.uk

Terms and Conditions of the websites owned by L.C.A Automotive SRL can be modified at any time by L.C.A Automotive SRL, and they need to be respected by clients / customers of the date of posting to sites. The acceptance of terms and conditions is confirmed by checking the appropriate checkbox of the site.