How to buy a set of seat covers or textiles

How to buy a set of car seat covers?

1. Go to the configurator and choose te combination of material that you desire.

2. Choose optional: ornamental seams, pockets behind te seats

3. Select the model and brand of the car for which you want the set of seat covers and complete the information regarding the car features: side airbags in the seats, front armrest, rear armrest, back seat tables , type of seat

4. Add the product to the shopping cart.

How to buy cloth or leatherette?

1.If you want to purchase materials you can choose between different categories and colors. The price is displayed on linear meter. The width varies between 1.5 m and 2 m

2.Choose amounts up to one decimal place , eg.: 2.2 m or 2.3 m. You can not choose between 2.23 m or 2.25 m.

3.Add the quantity you want in the shopping cart.

Once you have completed these steps, check the basket and then , if necessary, you can change, delete or add products. When everything is right, access the “Send order” button.

Fill in the contact information and billing data.

Fill in your shipping address and payment method.

After completing this information, the transportation costs and estimated time for shipment will be displayed. They differ depending on package weight, destination country and type of products ordered (textile materials or seat covers).

If necessary, fill in the “comments” section anything you consider is important for the order.

Check if your input is correct.

Send the order. In a few minutes you will receive an email with all the information regarding your order.

How do I receive the ordered products?

1. To confirm your order or for any additions or modifications, you will be contacted by a representative of L.C.A Automotive SRL. The representative will communicate with you in the language that you placed the order.

2. After phone confirmation of the order and after the payment (in case the payment is not made on delivery), you will receive and e-mail in which you will be notified about the changed contents (if there have been made any changes by phone), and the fact that your order will be executed.

3. When the parcel will be shipped you will receive and e-mail notification. Your order will be delivered by the courier company between the hours of 9-17 in the working days.